What is a Digital World?

1920x800a-technophobe-in-a-digital-worldImage: shannavu1990.

We live in a Digital World. The way in which we learn and work is continually changing due to technological advances, and due to such changes we must be adaptable and willing to learn if we want to succeed as teachers. Technology changes the way we learn and engage with each other, teachers are now seen as lesson facilitators rather than lesson dictators. Digitizing classes allows students to collaborate with teachers and their peers, but also to be independent in their learning. Technology needs to accessible for student’s to be independent in their learning. If they are unable to access content there will be limitations in contributing and receiving information with peers and teachers (Howell, 2012).

The digital world removes distance, we can connect with people from anywhere at anytime. With this in mind, a teenager could have a digital social following of thousands or even millions of people (McLeod, 2012). Students who use technology to learn and interact with others will find it more appealing, as they are familiar with using technology in all other aspects of their life (Prensky, 2008). Creating opportunities for children to use digital resources in their learning experience gives them an opportunity to broaden their understanding of set topics. Resulting in critically analysing the knowledge they have acquired, and what they can do with it now (McLeod, 2012).

I need to, as suggested by Howell (2012), develop my own digital pedagogy. As I search for new ways to use advances in technology as resources in my future classroom, I will be able to see what is effective in producing desirable learning experiences for my students (Howell, 2012). I want my students to be able to gain skills with the use of technology that will prepare them for the jobs of the digital age (Yeoh, 2014).


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